Review Policy and Request

My Policies:
I would like to clarify that the ratings of my reviews are base on how much the title compelled and pulled me in. I'm not here to dissect, scrutinize, analyze or condemn the authors' creative pursuits because I don't think I could come out with awesome and out of the world ideas like those.

Thus, my reviews are base on my personal opinions on what I think about the book; the wonderful and annoying bits. All reviews, positive and negative, will be written in a respectful and professional manner.

I am just a book fanatic. Reading is my passion and therefore, reviewing about the books that I've read is one of the pleasures I indulge in. I am in no sense a professional book reviewer nor am I paid or compensated to review these titles in my blog.

I do not review nor read titles that I'm uninterested in. The titles listed in my blog are titles that I myself want to read and are purchased by me unless otherwise stated. Please also do note that I do not write long reviews all the time but I do touch on important elements.

I am willing to participate in blog tours, guest posts, questionnaires, blog features, author interviews if and when I can. Do inform me on the details ahead of time so that I can get back to you. =)

To all publishers, editors, authors, and literary agents, it would be preferable if the title is available on Goodreads so as to enable my readers to access the site for further information. It would also be helpful for them to look into what others thought of the title.

Finished copies, ARCs and ebooks (ePub, PDF) are accepted. Please do let me know in advance.

I am interested in the following genres - both MG, YA, NA and Adult:

  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Chick-lit
  • Mystery
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Graphic Novels
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Middle-Grade
  • Adult Fictions
  • Eroticas
  • Selected Horror ie. Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood
  • Other MG, YA, NA and Adult genres popular today

At the moment, I am not accepting reviews for:

  • Non-Fictions
  • Autobiographies
  • Sci-Fic
  • Textbooks/Revision Books

If you are interested in contacting me for reviews, please refer to the top right tab for my contact info. Please also do note that I am based in Malaysia.