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Book Review: Evernight (Evernight #1) by Claudia Gray

Evernight (Evernight #1) 
By Claudia Gray
Release Date: May 1st, 2008
Number of Pages: 225
Format: Ebook
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

Blurb from Goodreads:
Bianca wants to escape.

She's been uprooted from her small hometown and enrolled at Evernight Academy, an eerie Gothic boarding school where the students are somehow too perfect: smart, sleek, and almost predatory. Bianca knows she doesn't fit in.

Then she meets Lucas. He's not the "Evernight type" either, and he likes it that way. Lucas ignores the rules, stands up to the snobs, and warns Bianca to be careful--even when it comes to caring about him.

""I couldn't stand it if they took it out on you," he tells Bianca, "and eventually they would."

But the connection between Bianca and Lucas can't be denied. Bianca will risk anything to be with Lucas, but dark secrets are fated to tear them apart . . . and to make Bianca question everything she's ever believed.

My Review:
== May Contain Minor Spoilers ==

I have two book buddies Nikoleta and Maria who were gushing about this series plus almost everyone is swooning over Lucas and Balthazar. Therefore, I decided to take the plunge and was expecting to be swept off my feet. I wasn't really. It bordered on lukewarm and I was holding on hope and wishing for it to burst into the volcanic hot zone.

Bianca was an okay character. I thought she was rather spineless mostly throughout the whole story and I just felt so frustrated over her. I just wanted to shake her up and shout at her to think for herself. I mean, in the beginning, she led me to believe that she did not know who she really was and I actually thought that she was maybe a witch because of those symbolic dreams she had. She behaved as though she didn't know she was a vampire. And then all of a sudden after she bit Lucas, she revealed that her parents had been preparing her all along and she was already aware of that fact. I mean, what the heck was that?

I enjoyed Lucas's character more. At least he had character and was rather consistent. I was looking forward to scenes that had Lucas. Balthazar too but there wasn't much about him for me to fully be all swoony over him yet. He was rarely there in the story. A pity really because Lucas and Balthazar were way more interesting than our deaar protagonist.

The rest of the secondary characters were a pass-and-go for me except for Vic and Raquel. They were cute. I did enjoy the evil demon of a headmistress, Mrs. Bethany though and the sinister secret surrounding the intake of human students into the academy. I had a rather crazy theory about it though. Haha.

Overall, it was a 3.5/5 stars for me.

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