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Book Review: Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood #8) by J.R. Ward **18 Yrs Above**

Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood #8)
By J.R. Ward
Release Date: April 1st, 2010 
Number of Pages: 653
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Blurb from Goodreads:

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a SECRET BAND OF BROTHERS like no other - vampire warriors, defenders of their race...

John Matthew has been through his vampire transition and taken to the life of the Brotherhood with a vengeance, but he still can't shake the nightmare of his past and is unsure of his future as a warrior hero. He's made a promise to honour the Brotherhood and their fight with the slayers at all costs, until the love of his life is kidnapped and he is forced to make a choice that could change his life and the Brotherhood's forever...

My Review:
"I would hold you up. I will ever hold you up and hold you dear, lover mine."

This book was seriously awesome and drove me to the edge of my seat. The adrenaline rush and WTF moments were a bomb. It was so good to finally see John have his HEA but such a heartbreak to see Qhuinn and Blay.

My heart is breaking for these two. I'm really looking forward to read and know more about Payne next. Layla irritated me alot in this book and I was disappointed in how she turned out because I really liked her when she was introduced in Lover Eternal but somehow in this book, she becomes not what I imagined her to be. Nevertheless, I'm crossing my fingers and cheering real hard for her.

I also did enjoy the Rathbone sub-plot and didn't see that revelation coming. Although it was brief, I fell in love with Gregg and Holly and I was rooting for them all the way. They were so sweet in the end. *swoony sigh*

The flashbacks of Darious anf Tohr were interesting and the reveal of who No'One was was a little bit expected but which got me all the more antsy for Lover Reborn .

Warden did it again and I'm on to the next one, Lover Unleashed .

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  1. I had some reservations going into this book as I had read all the others. The story of John and Xhex has been a long time coming for me. The story flowed and re-introduced us the characters and their history which I love. My only fault with the book is that I finished to quickly. I started and finished this story under three hours as I was totally focused on the story. Thank You, Ms. Ward for creating another great read. I am looking forward the to the next book in the series.


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